Sunny's Foot Spa

Getting the most out of your massage

  1. Silence phone and turn vibrate off - before you walk in.
  2. Don't eat just before your massage.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early
    • Sit for a moment in our relaxation lounge.
    • Have several sips of water
    • Take a few deep breaths
    • Do some gentle stretching
  4. Wear loose clothing.
    • Tank tops and yoga type pants work well.
    • Exercise clothing works well.
    • Slip on shoes or sandals are convenient.
  5. Communicate with front desk about pressure.
    • Let front desk know if you have areas to avoid.
    • Let front desk know if you have areas that need extra attention.
    • Try a different masseuse until you find one you love.
    • Reward your masseuse with referrals and generous gratuity.
  6. Breath evenly & deeply to help you relax.
  7. Drink plenty of water after your massage.
  8. Have your sunglasses available when you walk out into the bright sun.
  9. You may need a hairbrush & makeup to apply upon leaving.
  10. You may want a late appointment and then go straight to bed!

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